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The Perfect Logline
What makes a good logline - and why you should perfect it before you write a single word of your script.

Screenplay Unity
The hidden pattern behind all great scripts -- what it is, and why you need it!

Movie Reality Pt. 3: Plot Holes
The kind of script defects you must avoid at all costs, if you want your script to sell!

Movie Reality Pt. 2: That's Impossible!
What's possible and what's not possible in Movie Reality -- and how to let impossibility be your collaborator

Movie Reality Pt. 1: Coincidences That Work
The three elements of a plausible movie coincidence, and why some work and some don't

How to Write a Great Script
Five techniques to help you write not just "a script"... but a great script!

The Character Approach

Premise schmremise! Start by picking the characters you want in your script... and see what happens!

Story Harmony

A script is like a symphony! Ways to harmonize the details of your script to create an integrated presentation with impact and power.

Here And Hereafter: Dead Space Tells No Tales

How a first draft made it from a writer's bottom drawer to a multiplex near you...

From Idea To Ideal: Finding Story In Premise

An easy way to generate story and plot from the simplest elements of your premise. Let your premise do the heavy lifting and speed you toward a tightly-knit, integrated screenplay!

The Audience Approach

A simple paradigm for understanding your relationship with your audience...if you want to have an audience, that is!

Writing Simple Scenes with Serious Depth by Hal Croasmun

When you read a well written script, you may not even notice the subtext. You are simply experiencing the story and the characters. You are traveling with them on their journey...and it is delightful.

Write What Hollywood is Buying - Increasing Your Odds For A Sale
What are the best ways to increase your chances of selling a screenplay? Find out in this article that uses the statistics from 2009's spec screenplay sales to identify the most frequently purchased genres.

John Truby Reviews Avatar
Screenwriting guru John Truby analyzes James Cameron's Avatar and what we can learn about good
storytelling - regardless of what the critics think.

Finding The Scripts You Should Be Writing

What a concept! There are actually scripts you should be writing? Indeed there are...but only if you want to
write really good scripts full of realistic characters and true-to-life situations...

Spec Style: Making Your Spec Scripts Reader-Friendly
This handy guide to avoiding the most common amateur mistakes will give your script all the best advantages
- and help keep it out of that metaphorical overfull dumpster behind every agency in town.

So You Think Your Script is Finished?  Not So Fast, Pilgrim!

William Akers (author of Your Screenplay Sucks! 100 Ways to make it Great!) offers sage advice on the
importance of rewriting and never sending your script out until it is ready.

The #1 Rule of the Telephone Pitch

Michael Hauge offers timely advice for anyone attending Pitchfest events on how best to convey your script to
potential buyers  in 60 seconds or less.

10 Things Producers Must Know...and Usually Don't
John Truby lays out exactly what producers should know, and therefore, what screenwriters should be doing!

The Invisible Collaborator
How theme helps you write...and where you can get one

The Charles Darwin School of Screenwriting
Why your characters must change and - evolve!

What they are and why your script should have them

"Take A Meeting" A Must for Aspiring Screenwriters
A user-submitted article about his experiences at the "Take A Meeting" pitch event

The Sure Fire Way to Sell Your Screenplay!
Another Hollywood myth debunked

Outlines Suck!
A new approach to outlining for people who hate outlining.

Keeping Butts In Seats
Five techniques to make your scripts irresistible!

How to Catch the Reader's Eye
Hollywood readers are dying to not read your screenplay?

Pitchfests -  To Pay or Not to Pay for Access
Should you pay for access to execs to pitch your ideas?

Contests - Why Enter?
Are you wasting money or is the bang worth the buck?

The Good Guy Rule
Ignore it at your peril!

Write What You Know?  Well...

You've heard it a million times... but what does it really mean?
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