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I just want to say that the analysis from StoryPros has been the most comprehensive, helpful and rewarding feedback I have received from anyone. It helped me find solutions to problems I knew existed but had failed to pinpoint their origin. Not only is your feedback going to help me write a better draft, it's going to help me develop as a writer. Thanks so much for this!

Zeno Von Trapp
Berlin, Germany


I was blown away by the reader's notes on my screenplay.  The line by line assessment was unmatched by any of the other services I had used.  I learned more from the critique and analysis than I did from a course that was significantly more expensive.

Ellen Bryant


Thank you for putting on a really terrific screenplay contest and for your judge's selection of my screenplay, GIRL ON MAIN, as a finalist in the Family/Teen/Animation category earlier this summer.  It's such an honor to have done so well in this contest and I know that it will help me tremendously in my marketing efforts.

I always feel awkward when a contest ends when I've done well, but didn't walk away with a big prize. I guess this is because I feel a strong positive connection to the organizers -- and in the case of StoryPros, I feel such great benefits will come from the experience and result, that I just wanted to reach out and say 'thanks.'

Christine Hinz


Thanks again for the kind words and support you've sent my way. You said "it'll be great to see it on the big screen! Get it up there!" Well, I've optioned "Pink's" to Wild Lunch Productions. The lead is in the hands of an A-list Academy Award winning actor with a $6M+ budget. They are hoping to start production this fall. Thanks again guys for recognizing my work!

Mark Tusher
Longmont, CO

____________________________________________________________________________ a result of my placing in the 3rd Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest I was able to get my script in the hands of a Producer, a Showrunner at Paramount Studios, and an Executive at Summit Entertainment! Pretty impressive for a 4th Place finisher. Thanks again for your professional contest and thoughtful readers who were able to spot that increasingly endangered species -- the indie drama.

Jason Lee Pangilinan
West Hempstead, New York


Thanks for the attention paid to detail. I am impressed that so much was done for such a low fee. I have paid double for  less in the past!

Pila McCowatt
Kealakekua, Hawaii


Storypros provided me with a brilliant analysis of my script. The Deep Analysis gave me a comprehensive review of my script to even the smallest details that needed to be polished. In addition to this, suggestions for improvement were provided. This is honestly the best value for money script analysis on the market. I will definitely be using Storypros again for the next script that I am working on.

Gavin Warner


The contest ran smoothly and exceeded my expectations, but asking for the basic feedback (ordered with an additional fee at contest entry time) was the smartest move I've made lately. Once you get professional, impartial commentary on your work at the level provided by StoryPros, you will never worry about the costs again. If you're serious about advancing your own vision and learning your craft, you owe it to yourself to move beyond a circle of friends (supportive as they may be) and ask a pro to shine a light on your work.

Vincent Szopa
Seattle, WA


Thanks for the feedback on my two scripts. So far, of the feedback I've gotten from these contests, I like StoryPros the best. Most don't go into specifics about certain scenes like StoryPros does. I think most beginning writers like myself need to know which specific scenes worked and which ones missed the mark and why they did or didn't work. StoryPros provided that for me in the two scripts I entered. I have a pretty clear idea on the direction the re-writes need to take to make them better scripts.

Thanks again and I look forward to working with StoryPros in the future!

Patrick Carr
Minnetonka, Minnesota


I recently received my Deep Analysis coverage on a current project, and I'm very pleased with the results. The report was extremely helpful in pointing out the pros and cons of the script, and I appreciate the attention to detail. From minor typographic and formatting flaws to missed opportunities in character development. I'm hard at work on a revised draft and I'm encouraged to making it better than ever. Thank you again, and I would definitely consider Deep Analysis coverage in the near future.

Richard Hohenrath
West Hempstead, New York


The best coverage I've received - hands down! When they say Deep Analysis that's exactly what you get. They've picked up on issues that no one else has. They get right into the nuts and bolts of the script. If you think you have a good script, they'll show you how to make it even better. I've paid far more for notes that were far thinner than what StoryPros provides. They really are StoryPros, and their coverage is well worth the price!

Geoff Breuder
Wilson, Western Australia


Thanks for the helpful notes! Deep Analysis was worth every penny.

Edward Acosta
North Hollywood, CA


I entered "The Pier's End" in multiple contests in 2007. I must say your reviewer was professional, and...the analysis was concise and thorough. By far Storypros was one of the best and most rewarding of all the myriad of competitions out there.

Jeff Jenkins
Dublin, CA


I am mightily impressed by this contest. Jeff Swanson has been incredibly helpful and encouraging. And just last week I was contacted by a manager/producer requesting our script as a direct result of our 5th-place Win in StoryPros. This is definitely a contest to enter!

Gene Langlais III
Amherst, New Hampshire


...I loved your honesty and it is exactly what I was hoping for.  I have had many reviews on other scripts but yours has to be one of the best ever!  Not only did you identify the troubled plot point areas and lack of a strong 2nd act twist, but you provided some ideas for a solution.  You are the first to tell me what I really needed to hear to make this script a polished product but with prejudice eyes, I could not see any of those errors before, or rather I didn't want to see.
As my eyes are now wide open, I am confident that the story I fell in love with will one day will be enjoyed by many because of your extraordinary review.  Again thank you for having the courage to be honest in your review, for that's the only way we can become great.

...there are so many people out there who claim to provide a quality service in reviewing but end up lacking applical theory and structure as you do.

David Kane
Tustin, CA
2nd Place Winner: 2006 Filmakers International Contest


Thank you very much for this superb feedback. Usually when I get feedback it's very vague and often leaves me wondering how I can improve the actual script, but your comments were incredibly detailed and address specific weaknesses of my screenplay. It's detailed feedback such as this that's invaluable when it comes to improving not only my script but my writing as a whole.

Take care and thank you once again,

Martin Korda
Guilford, Surrey / United Kingdom


I really appreciate your detailed and thorough feedback on the script.  
You've given me a lot to think about (and plenty to do)!  I especially appreciate your extensive examples - where you don't just say to do something, you say HOW one might go about doing it.  That's very helpful.

Thanks again!

Take care,
Lynn Dickenson


Thank you guys for everything.  I have taken your insightful notes and applied them to my rewrite and I know that the script is incredibly stronger now. 

I know I will meet my goals, with your help.

Thanks again!

Tom Wilton
Austin, TX


Great comments and suggestions!  I've ordered coverage from other services but your comments were right on the money. 

I will be sending all of my future scripts to StoryPros before sending them out to anyone.

Susan Clough
Seattle, WA


I'm really impressed with your company.
Your feedback is the best so far. I have applied for over 10 contests which provide feedback and Storypros is the most comprehensive and thoughtful.  I look forward to your contests and other services.

Thank you for your hard work and business vision and excellent management and super customer service.

Benjamin Ray
Toronto, Canada
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