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StoryDraft $1500 Order StoryDraft 
Edit & Rewrite

From rough idea or rough draft
to a smooth professional script.

It's like having StoryPros as your collaborator!  Unlike a StoryPolish, we may change or drop characters, shuffle scenes, and enhance plot points — all to find and bring out your script's full potential. You tell us what you want out of your story, and we deliver it to you.

We will also perform thematic tuning, increase script integration and unity, and upgrade your script overall to help it perform better in the marketplace. 

This editorial service does not affect authorship in any way — you retain sole authorship credit and all rights to your material.

- StoryDraft will fix all of your typos and formatting errors.
- StoryDraft will fix punctuation and grammatical errors.
- StoryDraft will tighten scene descriptions and make your dialogue sing.
- StoryDraft will nail the tone you're going for.
- StoryDraft
will shuffle, shorten or lengthen scenes for maximum effect.
- StoryDraft will combine, modify, or eliminate characters or plot details.
- StoryDraft will seal plot holes, and make your script tighter than ever before!

Due to the scope of this service, turnaround is approximately 90 days. Contact us to discuss your timing needs before ordering.

StoryPolish $600 Order StoryPolish
Proof & Edit

Have StoryPros do a polish on your screenplay!

Our professionals will go through your script line by line and clean it up.  We won't change your characters, scenes or plot points — but we will fix errors, tighten scene description and dialogue, and take what you've written and make it better!

This editorial service does not affect authorship in any way — you retain sole author credit and
all rights to your material.

- StoryPolish will fix all of your typos and formatting errors.
- StoryPolish will fix punctuation and grammatical errors.
- StoryPolish will tighten scene descriptions and smooth out clunky dialogue.
- StoryPolish will help your script look and read great!

StoryBones  $450   Order StoryBones
Outline Development

To have a good body, you need good bone structure— and the same goes for screenplays!

We take your story and abstract it to its essential beats. We collect these into an easy-to-read step-outline that shows the content and function of each scene.

We'll then create an alternate set of beats more in line with the best tone, flow, and dramatic structure of a script like yours. Use this new beat sheet to tune and optimize your script, and zero in on the story you want to tell.

Currently we are offering this service for screenplays, existing outlines...even rough concepts!

The StoryBones service includes e-mail consultation to help fine-tune your step-outline to your needs. Also includes a follow-up analysis (after your next draft) for no extra charge.

- StoryBones will add scenes you need, and remove scenes you don't need.
- StoryBones will sharpen the action and focus the plot.
- StoryBones will eliminate unproductive drafts and speed you toward completion.
- StoryBones will make your next draft easy and fun to write!

Having trouble deciding?
Contact us to arrange a
preview of how your script will look!