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Typos/Formatting  $150   Order Typos/Formatting 

Don’t need analysis?  How about ensuring that your script is free of typos, spelling and formatting errors? 

Send us your editable script file (Final Draft, Movie Magic, CeltX, RTF) and we’ll send you back your script free of typos, grammar errors, and standardized with the latest industry formatting.

Treatment  $150   Order Treatment

Let Story Pros develop a killer treatment based on your screenplay. 

A treatment is a blueprint for a screenplay written out in novel form.  It highlights key dialogue as well as describing the plot in a manner that engages the reader to want to read the script. 

A great treatment is an important sales tool.  Often you can entice a Hollywood company to be interested in your idea but rather than requesting to read the full screenplay, they may want only an extended synopsis or treatment

A treatment can be from 3-20 pages depending on the complexity of the screenplay.  A great treatment should make the reader want to read the full script.

A treatment does not offer any critical analysis of the script -- for that you should order either Coverage or Deep Analysis.

Logline/Synopsis  $75   Order Logline/Synopsis

If you attend a pitchfest or manage to bump into Steven Spielberg in an elevator and he asks you what your story is about...if you can't describe your story in one or two sentences... then you need our Logline/Synopsis Service.

A logline is often referred to as the TV Guide listing of your screenplay.  In essence, it is very brief  description of the basic idea of your script.  A good logline contains a sense of who the main character is, what world the screenplay inhabits, and the inherent conflict in the story.

A synopsis is typically a 1-2 page summary of the main events and conflicts in your screenplay.  Many writers have difficulty in condensing a 100+ page screenplay into only 1-2 pages and to make that synopsis captivating and truly representative of the tone of their screenplay.  In fact, you will be asked to submit a synopsis of your screenplay more often than your script is requested!  A synopsis lets the agent, manager or producer understand your story quickly and helps them decide if your script is worth the time to read your script all the way through.  A great synopsis is critical to your script's success!

Query Letter Creation  $75   Order Query Letter

A query letter is like a cold call on paper. Production companies and talent agencies are flooded with queries from writers on a daily basis.

You have to put your best foot forward to get noticed. You must gain the reader's attention immediately and entice them to want to read your material. Typos, rambling, poor grammar, comparing your script to successful movies (or worse, unsuccessful ones) will get your letter tossed into the round file while the echo of it being ripped open still hangs in the air.

We will read your screenplay and create a concise and to-the-point single page query letter -- giving you your best shot at a read request.

See examples of a poorly written query letter — vs. a good query letter prepared by StoryPros.

What you will get with this service:
- A query letter targeted to agents and managers
- A query letter targeted for production companies/producers
- A sample self addressed postcard to include with your query letter
- Microsoft Word postcard templates for editing and printing on Avery Postcards #3263 or #8387

Query Letter Review $50   Order Query Review

Is your existing query letter not producing the kind of response and read requests you think your screenplay deserves?

Let us review your query letter and send you a corrected version in proper format and tone. 
Our Query Letter Review is designed to get you incredible responses! 

This service is just a review and correction of your existing query letter.  We will not be reading your screenplay and developing a query letter, just editing your existing query letter.  If you need or want us to create a query letter after reading your screenplay, choose our Query Letter Creation Service.