A Jealous Mistress

David Woll

A Woman's Hand

Birgit Syran Myaard

Alphabet City

Kristen McNaule

Alta California

Lynn Elliott

Antillia: Conquest Gold

Jason Todd


Kevin Stuart Brodie

B is for Blood

Bradley King

Bitter Harvest

John Munn

Brave Ears

Mark Gunnion

Breaking Bueno

David Kurtz

Bright New Eden

Alan Howcroft

By Any Other Name

John Doble

Caesar: The Die Is Cast

Benjamin Roussey

Castle Of Glass

Joshua Fox


George Brighton

Choke Canyon

Duane Graves, Justin Meeks

City Boys

Justen Ramsey

Closer Than Love

Morris Clark, Rhonda Ermel

Come What May

Les Zig

Cuckoo, Cuckoo

Terry Lynam


Baruh Benjamins


Jason Ward, Kevin Ward

Don't Say Gay

Kevin J. Howard

Don't Touch Me

Ervin Anderson

Drinking In Church

Kieran Angelini

Elephant Path

Robert Wooldridge


Martin McLoughlin

Fallen II: Azazel's Atonement

Benjamin Roussey

Falling From The Sky

Robert Rhyne

Family Remains

Bill Johnston


Joseph Deegan

Far West

Randy Woodley, Edith Woodley


Sean Carmichael

Go Get Larry

L.E. Coleman


Pablo Torroella

Good News Gary

Chad Hutson

Grave Words

Maria Larsen

Guardians of the Pacific

Derek Quick

Hail Larry

Evan Frondorf, Andrew Osentoski

Hoof and Horn

Kevin Brunner

Hot People

Jakob Gilbert, Maxwell Gay

Ice Cream Don't Melt In Englewood

Richard Ehrenreich

In Bright Darkness

Faisal Qureshi

Jingle Bell Rock

Curt Samlaska

Josh & Hana

David Zhang

Kaleidoscope Cowboy

Wiz Bryant, Deborah Green

Kick Me

Harry Kelley

Lady Gala

Steven Bogart

Lafayette: The Hero Of Two Worlds

Benjamin Roussey

Last Santa

Tapan Sharma

Marcus Aurelius: Human Resources Counsel

David Schroeder

Mirdad, A Lighthouse and a Haven

Roberto Junqueira


Selvir Katich

Moon Flower

Phill Reilly

Mutiny in the Dugout

Rod Kent

Nobody's Heroes

Michael Elliott

NOCNITSA (The Serpent's Seed)

Richard Guimond

Objectionable Presence

Joanna Meyers

Old Hickory: America's First Gunslinger

Benjamin Roussey

Pale Shelter

Russ Eisenman

Patriots and Tyrants: Spark of Rebellion

Jack Gorman, Shannon Walsh

Peanut Butter and Onion

Ian Hamilton

Pete & The Parties of Pure Evil

Warren Lane

Playing Dead

Chip Phillips

Playing The Changes

George Collins


Pearse Lehane

Purgatory H.S.

Sandy Fugate


Edel Dmytro Oksamyt


Kevin Stuart Brodie


Harry Kelley


Stefan Alexander, Stephen Morgan-MacKay

Rez Zom Nation

Derek Quick


Shiva Ramanathan


B. Isabella Bodnar


Myles Hewette


Jimmy Waltrip

Saint Catherine's Boys

John Ravitz


Richard Geiwitz

Silicon Evil

Benjamin Roussey

Silver Flake

Francis Rose

Skye Montana and the Invisibles

L.E. Coleman

Society Of The Moon

John Munn

The Age of the Empath

Steve Brown

The Antiquity

Ronald L. Ecker

The Barbary Menace

Benjamin Roussey

The Charge Of Conception Island

Abbott Dodson

The Claddagh Ring

Adam Kelly Morton

The Dark Yonder

Warren Lane

The Day We Tried To Live

Sergio Padilla

The Devil's Chair

Warren Lane

The Edge Of Humanity

Benjamin Roussey

The Faction

Kevin Karp

The Impala's Last Stand

David Woll

The King of Kansas City

Christopher Loveland

The Marionette

Daniel Owen McGrath

The Shadow of Dharma

Mark Perlick

The Shubert Orphans

Daniel Doble

The Sleepwalker

David Bramer

The Unearthly Tales Of Isabella

Carrie Fishbane

The Velocity Of Escape

Nicholas R. Zingarelli

The World Turned Upside Down

Dennis O'Flyng

This Is The Day

Michael Klausner, Douglas Underdahl

Time Space And The Poet

John Turner

Time Twist

Lizzy Shannon

Tough Cookies

Tom McLaughlin

Two's A Crowd

Ed Wiles

Van 59

Brian Trotter


Eric Obame


Aaron Huckleberry


David Woll


Paul Gross


Jason Ward, Kevin Ward

Would You Kill For Me?

Ron Ecker


Richard Pohl