Patti Wall

33rd Street Gypsy

Josh Taylor

A No Fly Zone

John Helms

A Piece of Heaven

Philip Sedgwick

A South Philly Story

Scott Fleishman

A Wolf on Fairmount

Travis Cox, Robert D. Williams

Act Of Love

Elvin Betancourt


Racheal Cain Stephens

American Fallout

Harry Kakatsakis

And No One Mourned

Ky Rogers


Kevin Brodie

Attack Therapy

Warren Clarke

Backup Plan

Tom Jordan

Bad Choice

Gary Lippman


Scott Marshall Taylor

Battle Of Lough Swain

Sean Keating


Rob Tymchyshyn

Broken Colors

Lawrence Robinson

Captain F*ck It

Melanie Holmes

Children of Earth

Tobias Tobbell


Timothy Bryan

City Spirit

Warren Clarke


Christopher Heffelfinger

Copper Bullets

Shupiwe Suffolk

Core Ruleset

Timothy Bryan


John Jackson

Cry Of The Children

Nick Roberts

Daniel Radcliffe Stole My Life

Ed Wiles

Dead, But Whatever

Boris Coll


Timothy Bryan


Kelly Parks

Dog Of War

Katterina Powers

Dumbest Generation

Leslie Lyshkov


Daniel LoBrace


Steven Michael


Brian Blasland


Wayne Mathias

Escape from EveryWorld

Paul Shiban

Evidence In Question

Marlowe Blue

Falling From The Sky

Robert Rhyne

Family Spies

Warren Clarke

Fifth Wheel

Jeff Kingery

Finding Picus Viridis

Eduardo Macchiarelli

Forced Journey

Rosemary Zibart

Gay As Christmas

Scott Winfield Sublett

Getting Lade

Stephen Levy

Ghost In Toronto

Martina Muhoberac

Grasse Stains

Nora Barry


Jess Gupta

Harveybrook, Alaska

Trevor Lawrence

Healing Time

John Thibault

Heaven Schmevin

Jim Norman

Hell Of A Break

Christopher Lee Raby

Hey, Wait A Minute!

Michael-Leon Wooley

High Stakes

Stuart Creque

Hotspot Rising

Adam Hersh


Albert M. Chan


Kurt Choate

Keeper Of The Pipe

Steve Warren

Letters in Barbed Wire

Chad Hutson

Little Red Cells

Ron Ecker

Love Me Tinder

Annette Burget Bailey

M - Demon Killer

Mark Hammond

Make The Weather

Tom O'Connell


Warren Clarke


Alessandro Guarino


Cory Rowe

Minor Miracle

Dave Henderson

Miserable People

Jeff Hindenach

Monica Stiletto

Enza Fangio, Ron Fangio

More Than One Idiot Brother

Pearse Lehane


Gordon Phipps

Mysteries of Lake Brosno

Sergei Okhotin

Napoleon: The Age Of Revolution

Kevin Karp

New Balls Please

Kevin Loughnane

Next Time We Meet

Robert Gokay

Night Wings

Samantha Brennan


Dana Cowden

One Shot

Rochelle Wiltshire, Mick Callaghan

Operation Stormy Weather

Martin Bernard Foley

Otis N' the Dough Boyz

Alexander Etseyatse


Andy Papadimitriou

Pippy's Delphi Seven

Edwin Turner

Post Great

Adam Hersh

Power Move

Michael Ellis


Timothy Bryan


Avi Singh


Dustin Melvin

Red Door Back

Patrick Thompson


Warren Clarke

Remember Us

Chris Willis


Gretchen Klein


Yanette Scott

Rise of the Seven

Henry Brown

Room Zero

Jason Partridge

Rounding First

Thomas Brian Scott


Nathan Howe

Secrets of the Universe

Mike Oppenheim


Jeff Walkley

Seven Washington Place

Larry Leinoff

Shuttle Cocks

Robert Naturman

Snake On Fire

Andrew Crane

Soul to Squeeze

Alex Arabian

Sovereign Citizen

Craig Peters

Spartan Mansion

Stacey Spivey

Star Machine

William Hernandez Valle

Still Time to Change

Jim Grieco


Robert Wooldridge

Stranger Dreams

Alyssa Stevens

Stronger When She's Broken

SherLann D. Moore

Stupid American

Rob Sitter

Swine Heart

Theresa Anne Carey, Bruce Stephen Brochtrup

Swirl City

L.E. Coleman

Switched At Death

David Merry, Marty Putz & Larry Horowitz

Take A Trip

Andrea Weiss

Taken From Within

Michael J. Casey

Tent Town

Phyllis Allison

The Big D

Michael Weinreb

The Border Caper

David Kurtz

The Buzzing Tree

K. Carlton Mayfield

The Carousel Theory

Trent Moran

The Catbird's Song

Ron Maede

The Checkered

Mark Gunnion

The Dirty Children

John Celona

The Faction

Kevin Karp

The Firekeeper

Daniel Stevens

The Franchise

James Grayford

The Ghosts of Everbridge Manor

Don Ternyila

The Good Coach

Scott Sublett

The Great Indoors

Paul Rowe

The Horned God

Alessandro Guarino

The Influencer Competition

Adam Hersh

The Lighthorseman

Bruce Dundore

The Marriage Contract

Barbara Albers Jackson

The Matchee

Richard Guimond

The Midden

Darrell Clement

The Night Witches

Steven Prowse

The Past is a Temple

Joe Favalaro

The Real McCoy

Michael Weinreb

The Real Thing

Matthew Papadopoulos

The Replacement

Jonathan Dick

The Ruin Of Eden

Jessica Romagnoli, Patrick Ireland

The Second Story Santa

Stan Williamson

The Seedling

Kevin J. Howard

The Squawker

Craig Peters

The Utopians

Scott Winfield Sublett

The Warm Season

Adam Seidel

The Wraith of Mrs. McGuire

George Petersen

The Zombays

Lance Barnett

Time, Space, And The Poet

John Turner

Tippy The Elf

William Sikorski Jr., William Sikorski III

Tough Love

Kenneth Kleemann

Tutankhamun Not In Common

Robert Rogers

U.S. Inc.

Joel Michalak

Unison Kismet: The Twin Samaritan

Francesco Pio Capussela

Venomous Creatures

Stephanie Jones

Virgil Honeybloom

Trent Moran


Levi Buchanan

We Are Rampage

Gustavo Garzon

Welcome to Sunnyfields

Tobias Tobbell

When Horror Met Sally...

Ervin Anderson

White Lobster

Stephanie Jones

Wilde West

Jennifer Winter

Write or Die!

Christine OKeefe

Young Blood

Matt Boorlund